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How Enhance Development Improves Building Projects in Ukraine During the War

How Enhance Development Improves Building Projects in Ukraine During the War

The development of Ukraine's real estate market temporarily stagnated due to the war; however, despite the circumstances, it has revived and started to modernize.

Even in today's conditions, professionals are incorporating global trends into their work: the latest technologies, design and architectural solutions, and reduced construction time.

Why Changes in the Industry Are Such a Challenge

Changes in the industry pose a notable obstacle. The future resident desires a safe, comfortable, modern, environmentally friendly, and ergonomic living space. Creating such a dwelling place requires a rapid pace, as a vast number of people have tragically lost their homes.

Developers who strive to accelerate and keep up with the world face a series of obstacles: unfamiliarity with innovations, resource constraints, risks linked with their implementation, and navigating governmental regulations, among others.

All of these factors hinder the departure from typical, often inconvenient and imperfect buildings, whether they belong to the economy class or premium segment.
Delivering a healthy compromise between creating projects for an ideal city that reflects our vision for Kyiv and ensuring their economic feasibility lies at the heart of our mission.
With a thoughtful approach to construction, we provide clients with spaces that boast exceptional features at a competitive price point, striking a balance that fulfills their aspirations and practical requirements.
said Serhiy Shynkarenko, an advanced professional with expertise in development, marketing, and project management, and CEO at Enhance Development.
Pursuing Unique Projects - The Future Itself

Enhance Development operates on five core principles that propel the company forward, enabling the integration of groundbreaking advancements.

The first principle revolves around bringing distinctive projects to life that align with specific characteristics.

  • Unique architecture

The forms and structures of our developments aim to embody their unique essence and stand out from the rest. We are deeply passionate about creating extraordinary designs, whether it's a residential dwelling, an office complex, or a commercial center.

Currently, we are bringing to life one such project in collaboration with architects and designers from Octo-bureau, who contribute their extensive experience and European influences.

  • Setting Our Sights on the Best

Projects that embody the transformations we aspire to see in our country.

1.Park on the site of former factories and multifunctional buildings in Warsaw.

A modern and comfortable city with an exceptional public space, which will soon become one of Warsaw's districts. It will feature apartments, offices, and places for restaurants. Additionally, there will be a publicly accessible park with trees growing on the site of former industrial plants. The project is designed by JEMS Architekci studio.

2.Kaohsiung Music Center, Taiwan.

The center is located in the port of Kaohsiung and covers an area of 88,000 square meters. The architect Manuel Monteserin designed the project, drawing inspiration from the sea. Hence, the corresponding names and forms of the buildings: "Big Wave," "Whales," "Dolphins," and "Coral."

3.Boston University Center for Computing & Data Sciences.

Canadian studio KPMB Architects has presented an impressive project! Creating this building "without excavation" was made possible through the use of a closed-loop geothermal heating system, solar panels, and optimized shading systems.

  • Unique Engineering Solutions

Cutting-edge engineering achievements embody comfort, eco-friendliness, ergonomic design, and, importantly, cost savings. To provide heating and hot water for the high-rise buildings in one of our residential complexes, we plan to utilize heat pumps. This approach will help mitigate the adverse effects on the environment, reduce energy expenses, and optimize utility consumption.

  • Unique Technologies

They are the key to improving the quality and efficiency of construction while saving time, allowing people to move into their new homes more quickly. Typically, the process from excavation to the completion of a building takes no less than 2–3 years.

However, by utilizing prefabricated structural elements, which are developed in factories and assembled on-site like building blocks, this timeframe can be reduced to 1–2 years, resulting in a time savings of 40%!

  • Unique Service

The service must be premium: it is with such an approach that we undertake the management of each of our projects. This includes meticulous planning, budget control, quality execution, adherence to schedules, collaboration with subcontractors, assistance in cost reduction, and risk mitigation.

Realizing the most daring ideas is made possible through a team of professionals, their expertise, market knowledge, reliable partners, and suppliers.
We firmly believe that unconventional solutions are a necessary step forward. Such projects have the potential to satisfy clients and establish a unique pricing proposition in the country's real estate market.