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Real Estate Investment in Ukraine in 2024: A Reliable Way to Preserve and Grow Your Funds

Do you have a certain sum of money and wish to preserve it? Or perhaps, you aim to make it "work" for you?

Sergiy Shynkarenko, CEO of Enhance Development company, shared with portal about real estate as one of the reliable investment tools in the new 2024.

According to the expert, real estate investment has been gaining the most popularity among Ukrainians today, especially in the western region of the country: hotels, resorts, and relaxation spots.

And it's no wonder, last year this region was filled with eager vacationers trying to get as far away from the war as possible. According to forecasts, the situation will be the same in the future – or even better.

How to profit from this? One option is to invest in a room in an apartment hotel or a cottage near Bukovel. The payback period for such a room after the hotel starts operating will be from 9 to 12 years.

"For a room in such a hotel, an investor will have to pay approximately $120,000. The profit they can get is $13,500 per year net, excluding expenses for the management company, but without the owner's tax payment.

As for the cottage, its price is about $350,000. And the potential profit one can get is $40,000 per year, excluding expenses for the management company, but without the owner's tax payment. The payback period is the same as in apartments, but with fewer risks due to the limited supply of such properties," explained Sergiy.

It's also worth paying attention to commercial real estate: office spaces, warehouses, premises for shops, and beauty salons can also bring in good income.

So, despite the war in Ukraine, there are quite reliable investment tools available.

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