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How Enhance Development Selects Prime Locations: Expert Insights into Key Factors

When it comes to Enhance Development, a successful project goes beyond mere construction and delivery. We strive to create showcase-worthy developments that enhance the lives of residents and contribute to the growth of the city.

It's about creating a home that people have dreamed of for years and are ready to purchase even at the excavation stage because they trust us.

Ultimately, our goal is to turn these projects into lucrative investments. One of the fundamental principles guiding our work is the careful selection of locations that meet specific criteria for success.
Choosing the Right Location: Key Considerations
How do we identify the ideal location that attracts investments and fulfills the needs of families? We adhere unwaveringly to six crucial criteria.
1. Ecology
The importance of ecology and a clean environment has gained significant prominence over the past decade. This encompasses elements such as well-designed landscapes, parks, gardens, bodies of water, and clean air.

Integrating nature and providing residents with immediate access to natural spaces without having to wait for a vacation or a long weekend should be integrated into the project from the outset.

Moreover, we prioritize sustainable development and the use of eco-friendly materials, which we'll discuss in more detail later.
2. Energy and Resident Well-being
The energy of the place we enter is a category that may seem difficult to define. After all, there is no device that indicates the "aura" of a house. However, creating an environment that fosters physical, socio-economic, and psychological well-being is integral to enhancing the energy of a place.

We prioritize factors that contribute to residents' comfort, reducing stress and promoting a sense of belonging. These include ample natural lighting, soundproofing, proximity to recreational areas, parks, cafes, restaurants, as well as spaces for relaxation and sports activities.
3. Proximity to Essential Amenities
To lead a fulfilling life, individuals require convenient access to essential amenities such as supermarkets, shops, pharmacies, banks, and post offices.

Equally important is the availability of daycare centers, schools, and colleges for children's education. Accessible hospitals and clinics ensure prompt medical attention when required.

By situating our developments near these amenities, we enable residents to meet their needs without significant effort or transportation costs.
4. Transportation Accessibility
A prime area should provide swift and convenient transportation links throughout the city. This includes well-established public transportation systems comprising subways, buses, trams, trains, as well as bicycle lanes and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks.

For residents and visitors with private vehicles, well-connected road networks, highways, and ample parking spaces are essential.
5. Availability and Quality of Infrastructure
Quality engineering infrastructure is vital for comfortable and functional living. In our projects, we prioritize the inclusion of reliable systems for water supply, sewage, electricity, heating, cooling, and high-speed internet connectivity.
6. Potential for Future Development
Evaluating the potential for future development is crucial. This involves assessing plans for infrastructure expansion, the construction of new facilities, or improvements to housing conditions.
The Value of a Well-Located Property as a Lucrative Investment
A comfortable apartment in a prime location is not only a solution to housing needs but also a profitable investment.

  • Location is arguably the most important criterion when it comes to buying an apartment. Housing in a popular or convenient area with access to infrastructure will always take priority over remote areas.

  • Potential for growth. If a location holds promise for future development, it can influence an increase in the property's value over time.

  • Profitability. The attractiveness of a place to potential tenants due to its proximity to educational institutions, business centers, tourist zones, and other amenities ensures high rental income for the property owner.
How Enhance Development Selects Prime Locations
To choose the optimal location, we undertake the development of a comprehensive concept for a future residential complex. This involves analyzing not only the location, infrastructure, and transportation accessibility, but also studying the demand for real estate in the area.

Equally important is the meticulous work on the project's architecture, determining the type of infrastructure that will be incorporated into the new complex. Should it include a school, a kindergarten, a supermarket, or perhaps a fitness center with a pool?

Furthermore, we develop financial models, thoroughly examine property prices and rental rates, calculate construction costs, and establish appropriate sales prices.

This approach serves as our method of validating a site: if it has the potential to accommodate a unique residential complex with high commercial viability, and any potential drawbacks can be mitigated through infrastructure, Enhance