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How to Commission a New Building Without Delays: 5 Key Steps

Delays in commissioning properties in Ukraine's primary real estate market no longer come as a surprise.

Why has this become an accepted practice? Each developer and builder will have their own answer. Moreover, working amidst a war presents an additional challenge for the entire industry.

However, not all Ukrainian developers adhere to the "tradition" of delaying and freezing projects, thus forcing clients and investors to endure years of waiting.

The market boasts professionals capable of adapting to challenging conditions, honoring commitments to investors and residents, and completing projects on schedule.

Today, another fundamental principle of Enhance Development's operation is to commission our properties more swiftly than the industry average.

What specific measures underpin the seamless and high-quality work of our company? There is no magic here - just concrete steps and a great deal of hard work.

Step #1: Employ a Financial Model that Enables Construction to Proceed on Schedule, Regardless of Sales

Successfully implementing this model necessitates financial stability, meticulous planning, risk management, and adaptation to ever-changing market conditions.

We pre-plan the entire construction process, defining precise steps, timelines, and costs for each stage. We thoroughly analyze potential risks and possible project development scenarios.

If sales fall short of expectations, we tap into pre-prepared financial reserves or seek alternative sources of funding.

Our primary focus is to ensure that construction progresses according to plan and maintains quality.

Step #2: Integrate Lean Construction Principles into the Daily Operations of the Company and All Projects

Enhance Development adopted lean construction principles from the outset of its operations.

This production management methodology aims to minimize waste, optimize resources, enhance productivity, and improve quality.

In practice, the application of this concept involves:

  • Eliminating Waste: Such as inefficient processes, excessive inventory, and more.

  • Planning and Coordination: Creating conditions for efficient and uninterrupted work.

  • Process Standardization: Reducing instability levels and progressing to the next task only after completing the previous one.

  • Involving a Work Group: Engaging everyone from workers to management in decision-making.

  • Utilizing Innovative Technologies: Simplifying the construction process.

  • Weekly Meetings: To coordinate the work schedules of various teams and specialists.

  • Continuous Improvement: Analyzing and assessing the effectiveness of construction processes.

Lean construction principles enable us to accelerate construction, reduce costs, and maintain project quality.

Step #3: We Take Responsibility for Obtaining All Necessary Documentation

Non-compliance with standards or even illegal construction can lead to fines, work stoppages, and other negative consequences for a project.

To minimize such risks, our company assumes the task of independently obtaining permits, approvals, and technical conditions for connecting buildings to engineering networks before the start of construction.

This stage begins long before physical construction commences. From defining the requirements for obtaining permits, submitting necessary applications, collecting documents to evaluating them by relevant authorities - it's a lengthy process.

However, documentation that meets all requirements and standards ensures the quality and reliability of construction - this is our responsibility to clients and all stakeholders.

Step #4: We Conduct Detailed Cost Analysis of Construction, Key Components, and Technical Solutions

For each of our projects, Enhance Development conducts a thorough cost analysis of construction, along with an examination of key components and technical solutions. This enables us to plan the budget and optimize expenditures.

Cost analysis helps determine the expected construction cost, encompassing all necessary expenses for materials, labor, equipment, services, permits, and more.

Analyzing key components and technical solutions helps identify opportunities to reduce costs, choose more efficient technologies, materials, or processes.

This calculation helps allocate resources – human, material, and financial – with greater efficiency, ensuring both the quality and speed of the construction project.

Step #5: We Collaborate Only with Top Contractors and Material Suppliers

Another one of our principles is to work exclusively with the best. This helps us ensure the highest quality and consistency in work execution while reducing the risks of any construction delays.

We select only reliable material suppliers with a solid reputation. We collaborate solely with contractors who possess the experience and expertise required for the tasks at hand.

In this way, we are able to expedite the commissioning of properties faster than the industry average. This results in a win-win situation where not only the developer benefits, but also investors and future residents receive value from our approach.